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Whilst on this course you will be expected to demonstrate your skills and therefore be in close physical contact with others - if you are pregnant or are unable to complete physical tasks please see your tutor as soon as possible to discuss - you may not be given 'Reasonable Adjustments' and therefore my fail if you leave notification of your condition until the activity. The tutor will explain how we will comply with the Governments 'Social Distancing' requirements and how we keep you safe with our Hygiene practices.
The content and discussion on this MHFA course can evoke some emotional upset - if you feel you are unable to complete a session or contribute to a discussion or would prefer to 'opt-out' please inform the tutor. All discussions held during this course must remain confidential.


Course Aim/Objective
It is a legal requirement that anyone within a workplace has access to First Aid, therefore by attending and passing you will be able to meet your employers responsibility and provide the First Aid that the casualty requires. This will be explained further during the course.


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