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Christmas Food Safety Tips

Christmas Food Safety Tips

Just over five days to go until the big ho ho. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to looking forward to all the traditional Christmas treats; mince pies, Christmas cake, Roast Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Not forgetting the Brussels sprouts of course.




But with cooking the Christmas dinner comes great responsibility. More than likely you’re cooking for others too so it’s down to you to make sure everyone is well fed and has a great time.


At the very least make sure you don’t poison anyone!


Follow our Christmas food safety tips:


Cooking the Turkey


Make sure you don’t under cook it – any harmful bacteria is more likely to remain if so. Check there is no sign of pink meat and all juices are clear. Even better treat yourself to an early Christmas present – a food thermometer. A Turkey is cooked when it registers 180° F in the thigh or 165° F in the breast.


Treat leftovers with care


It’s not Christmas if there aren’t any leftovers, but let them cool down first, then cover in sealed containers and refrigerate. Only reheat food once and make sure it is steaming hot throughout. Don’t keep leftovers for more than two days.


Keep things clean


Regularly wash your hands with soap before, during and after cooking. And follow the same routine with all your kitchen surfaces, especially the sink. If you don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher make sure you wash-up all plates, pots and pans thoroughly. Pay special attention to your chopping boards which are a haven for bacteria.


Wash your Brussels


Make sure you give all your fruit and veg – including your Brussels – a good wash to remove harmful germs from the food’s surface.


Lay off the booze until after you’re done


Sorry to be a party pooper but we all know that we get more carefree after a few sherries. So if you’re on duty in the kitchen try to limit your intake so you don’t slip up on any of the food hygiene essentials listed above. After a successful Christmas dinner, order someone else to do the washing up (after reading this blog of course) and put your feet up with a glass or two. You deserve it!


Hopefully that’s put you right for a delicious, food-poisoning free festive period.


Merry Christmas from us all at The Training Co.



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