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The latest piece of equipment in the fight to reduce the likelihood of permanent brain damage or death in a casualty that is choking.

Developed on a very simple theory, similar to using a plunger to unblock a plug or drain, the LifeVac unit produces reverse pressure from behind the lodged object to pull it loose and out of the airway. The pressure produced has been proved to be far more effective than the pressure obtained when administering abdominal thrusts and as such has been 100% effective.

The LifeVac unit is simple to use and does not require in-depth training, using our link to the training video is sufficient to understand the principle and therefore have the knowledge to use the LifeVac unit in an emergency. However if you book one of our First Aid Training courses, you will be taught and have the practical experience of using the LifeVac.

If food is served, there is a chance that someone could choke, don’t leave it to chance and get the LifeVac unit.

For a limited time the LifeVac unit is available for FREE. Just book an Emergency First Aid course at list price and we will bring the unit and deliver training during the course, book 2 courses and get 3 units, book 3 courses and get 6 units (other Course/Unit ratios are available).

The MHRA have now licensed Lifevac for sale in the UK, however it can only be used by:

  • Registered Healthcare Professionals
  • Those with Advanced Life Support Training

All current first aid protocols remain in-place, i.e. continue with back slaps / abdominal trusts until a casualty becomes unconscious then use LifeVac 5 times. If the airway is still obstructed, continue with first aid protocol – dial 999 and start CPR. LifeVac can be used on those in moulded wheelchairs or in other circumstances where basic life support protocols have failed or emergency services are unable to attend.

These units are not to be used on Children or in public places.


UK choking statistics
About 16,000 cases of choking are treated in UK hospitals each year.


In 1999, a total of 218 people choked to death on food. A further 55 died after choking on non-edible objects.


About half the choking fatalities in 1999 were men and women aged 75 and over.


About 2,600 choking accidents in the UK each year involve children under four years of age.

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