Has your school ordered an adrenaline injector yet?

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Did you know that new legislation has just been passed that could save the lives of children in your school?


From October 2017, your school will be allowed to store spare adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) for emergencies. This means that if a child takes a severe allergic reaction to food, medicine or even a bee sting, school staff can deliver a lifesaving dose of adrenaline right away. This speedy response could save a child's life.

1 in 5 deaths from food allergic reactions happen in schools, so this is a serious issue. That's why we're offering a training course for school staff in AAIs and Anaphylaxis.

We can deliver the training directly in your school at a date that suits you. We're expecting a big response, so don't waste time in contacting us to book. By doing this today, you could save a child's life in the future.


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