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Government Funded Training

The Offer

European Social Funding has been made available through Bolton College to fund training for employed people to help ‘up-skill’ the workforce within the Greater Manchester area. The Training Company is a selected training provider who is delivering the courses for Bolton College – either at their site or at your workplace.

The Criteria

To be eligible you must be 19+, the head office/workplace must be within the Greater Manchester post code area and the employer must not employ more than 250 people. The Company must be Private, Limited, Sole Trader but not a Government funded organisation, such as a School or a Doctors (unless it is a Private/Limited/Sole Trader.

Choose any of our Level 2 or 3 courses – for in-house courses you must have a minimum of 8 people attending.

If the course is cancelled/postponed our usual cancellation fees are applied – see our Terms and Conditions. If less than 8 attend the course there is a possibility that you will be charged our full rate or a portion of.

What you have to do?

It quite painless – complete the on-line form opposite and it will be presented for approval. Once approved, one other form (but much shorter) and some candidate details and a booking can be made.

Choose from any Level 2 or 3 course we have and we will book it in – remember if you are making a booking for a company you must have at least 8 people on the course, if you are attending one of our open courses – don’t worry

Please complete this application and click ‘Send’ at the end of the form.

Skills Review
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  • Rationale for Involvement

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