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Emergency First Aid at Work Group Course

Emergency First Aid at Work Group Course

£495.00 Excluding Vat

Emergency First Aid at Work Company Course

Price is per group of 12 – Includes FREE LifeVac unit for a limited time

You are booking an Emergency First Aid at Work Course for up to 12 people (if you require more candidates on the course please contact us), select the course date below (these details are always changeable, in line with our terms and conditions). Please note, it is cost effective to have 12 on the course, i.e. if 8 turn up the charges remain the same.

After completing your purchase you will receive confirmation and course information.

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Emergency First Aid at Work Course Aim

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, state that all employers must assess the need and supply appropriate first aid provision. Although anyone can be ‘appointed’ – will they have the knowledge to effectively – this Emergency First Aid at Work, or EFA course will hep candidates:

Prevent injuries becoming worse, Promote recovery, Preserve life?

Course Objectives

This one day Emergency First Aid at Work, or EFA course is a fun-packed training day where practical participation is essential  – so come prepared to get down on the floor and act out injuries! This exciting course has been developed to help learners retain information better by relating it to individuals workspace and everyday life.

This course covers:

• The Law relating to First Aid
• Dealing with the incident
• Artificial Ventilation’s and CPR
• Recovery Position
• Shock
• Choking
• Bleeding, Breaks
• Burns
• Epilepsy

On successful completion of the course each delegate will receive a certificate which is registered with the awarding body.


As well as self approval, The Training Co. is registered with
the following Awarding Organisations to deliver this course:


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